#moedchat Blog Challenge

Ten Reasons Why Twitter is the Best PD for Educators

10. It’s free!

9. It’s available 24/7/365.

8. Twitter is like reading the newspaper headlines – you only continue on with articles that interest you.

7. Twitter’s hashtags allow you to search for any topic quickly and easily.

6. Twitter chats provide focused time to discuss and explore one topic.

5. When your tweet a link, you can go over 140 characters!

4. You can log in to Tweetdeck with your Twitter account to see multiple columns of tweets based on customizable criteria.

3. Twitter favorites are like web browser bookmarks – items you can refer back to for a second glance or to read when you have more time.

2. Twitter connections often lead to other forms of PD – finding out about edcamps, following conference hashtags, joining Google hangouts, etc.

1. Twitter, like teaching, is all about relationships. The connections you make on Twitter can provide a world of excellent educators at your fingertips – to share ideas, to reflect, to think out loud, to appreciate one another, to be energized! 

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