My Home. My People.

I’ve lived in Fulton for four years now. A place I was sure I would not like. A place that was a stepping stone back to my favorite place, WashMO. Guess what. I like it. This town makes me crazy in many ways. But then… We have two beautiful college campuses. We have fabulous parks. We have a YMCA, an awesome trail system, a splash pad, a farmer’s market, and the people. Oh, the people. These are my people!

The boy mom who I think might actually be Wonder Woman. Who can take a class of infants and get them all in a routine in less than a week. Who can cart a toddler to the older boys’ swim meets and baseball games and talent shows like it’s as natural as carrying her own arm. Who donated bone marrow to save a life as quietly and as humbly as could be. Who carries on as if she’s not a hero. She is a hero and she is one of my people.

The boy mom who loves fiercely and consistently sacrifices for her boys. Who fights for kids and won’t settle for less than the best for them. Who gives her boys a fantastic childhood full of camping, lakes, dirt bikes, Legos, Nerf wars, baseball, fishing, fireworks… Whose boys will never doubt that they were loved and who will have memories of fun and laughter. She is my best friend and she is one of my people.

The mom who has a twin on earth and a twin in heaven. I don’t know how she gets out of bed in the morning. But she does. She gets out of bed for her daughter on earth. She gets out of bed for her son in heaven. She fights for all the kids. Endlessly. Tirelessly. She fights. She is a warrior and she is one of my people.

The incredible ladies who have stepped up to the plate to fight the evil we call pediatric cancer.

The dads who also fight and who love their kids with all their hearts. Who bring joy and laughter and balance to our lives.

The dear friend and neighbor who is the strongest person I know.

And the kids! The happy, funny, kind, goofy, awkward, huggable, beautiful, lovable even when they’re hard to love, awesome, creative, emotional, hardworking, all-around-wonderful kids!

These are my people. This is my home.


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