#OneWord – or maybe two

January 1, 2018All In - Edited

In 2017 I hopped on the #oneword bandwagon. My word last year was start. And I succeeded at that. I started three businesses in 2017. So this year my word is All In. (And yes, I know that’s actually two words!) After breaking my leg just weeks before two of my businesses were set to open, the last five months of 2017 were rough. I wasn’t able to work for nearly three months which meant no income for three months. Since I had already quit my job to start the businesses, I wasn’t eligible for disability or any other benefits. Now I am (mostly) healed and ready to really get in high gear with each business; to go ALL IN! I’m adding a cafe (breakfast and lunch) to the bakery, getting more leads for VA work, and spreading the word about tutoring and enrichment.

I’m also going to attempt to be all in with my blog, making one post each day even if it’s a short one.

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